How tall is Skip Young ?

Skip Young

Skip Young


March 14, 1930

Death Date:

March 17, 1993 (age 63)

Birth Sign:


Skip Young birth date on March 14, 1930 (died on March 17, 1993, skip Young was 63 years old) as Ronald Plumstead.

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Skip Young was an American actor best known for his decade-long role as Wally Plumstead in the ABC sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. When chosen to join Ozzie Nelson’s television series Young suggested that the last name of his character be Plumstead. In 1958 he portrayed Sam the Bass Player in the picture Earth v. the Spider. read more

Is Skip Young still alive?

No, skip Young died on 03/17/1993,
28 years ago.
Skip Young was 63 years old when skip Young died. Skip Young died in California, Apple Valley California, United States

What was Skip’s Sign?

Skip Young Sign was pisces.

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