How tall is Roberto Blades ?

Roberto Blades

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Birth Place:

Panama City, Panamá




July 2, 1962


59 years old

Birth Sign:


Roberto Blades is a Panamanian musician. He birth date on July 02, 1962 (59 years old) in Panama City, Panamá.

More information about

Roberto Blades is a Panamanian Salsa singer. His most popular songs are Ya No Regreso Contigo Lagrimas Poquita Fe Casco Detalles El Artista Famoso Victima de Afecto Flor Dormida and Si Estuvieras Conmigo among many more. He is the younger brother of singer Ruben Blades. In 2002 Roberto Blades won the Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album. He has not released a new album since preferring to work as a songwriter and producer. read more

Who is Roberto’s Sign?

Roberto Blades Sign is cancer.


Roberto Blades has 1 sibling.
(13 years more)


When his last album Lagrimas released, he was 55 years old.

His first album Juntos Pa’ Gozá released 32 years ago, he was 26 years old. There were 12 songs in this album.

Awards (2)

Awarded Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album in 2001 , awarded Latin Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1999 ,

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