How tall is Joni Lamb Religious Leader ?

Joni Lamb
Religious Leader

Joni Lamb

Birth Place:

Colleyville, Texas




July 19, 1960


61 years old

Birth Sign:


Joni Lamb is a Religious Leader. She birth date on July 19, 1960 (61 years old) in Colleyville, Texas.

More information about

Joni Lamb is a Christian broadcaster and the co-founder vice-president and executive producer of the Daystar Television Network. Joni and her husband Marcus Lamb have been involved with Christian television since the mid-1980s and are most well known for their work with Daystar Television. Joni and Marcus have three children Jonathon Rachel and Rebecca. The family lives in Dallas Texas. read more

Is Joni Lamb still alive?

Yes, Joni Lamb is still alive
Last check: 1 year ago

Who is Joni’s Sign?

Joni Lamb Sign is cancer.


  • Marcus Lamb

    Marcus Lamb, televangelist founder Daystar Television Network

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