How tall is Carole Samaha Pop Singer ?

Carole Samaha
Pop Singer

Carole Samaha

Birth Place:

Beirut, Beyrouth




July 25, 1972


48 years old

Birth Sign:


Carole Samaha is a Lebanese singer. She birth date on July 25, 1972 (48 years old) in Beirut, Beyrouth.

More information about

Carole Samaha is a Lebanese musician and actress. She has released five studio albums. Samaha has a masters degree in acting and directing which she earned in 1999 from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. In 2004 she won the Arab Music Award for best female newcomer. read more

Who is Carole’s Sign?

Carole Samaha Sign is leo.


When her last album Koullouna Lel Watan released, she was 47 years old.

Her first album New Order released 24 years ago, she was 24 years old. There were 11 songs in this album.


  • Walid Mostafa

    Walid Mostafa

    She married with Walid Mostafa
    in 2013. Carole Samaha was 40 years old. Married for 8 years, 6 months.

Top Carole Samaha Songs

  1. Yarab (Album Koulo Jadid, released 14 years ago)
  2. Khallik Behalak (Album Hodoudy El Sama, released 12 years ago)
  3. Bet’amen Bel Sodfi (Album Bet’amen Bel Sodfi, released 1 year ago)
  4. Esma’ny (Album Adwaa’ El Shohra, released 15 years ago)
  5. Aoul Ansak (Album Hodoudy El Sama, released 12 years ago)
  6. Ensa Hmoumak (Album Ensa Hmoumak, released 3 years ago)
  7. Ettala Fia (Album Helm, released 18 years ago)
  8. Mabrouk La Albi (Album Mabrouk La Albi, released 2 years ago)
  9. Wahchani Bladi (Album Ehssas, released 8 years ago)
  10. Mosh Ha Eish (Album Mosh Ha Eish, released 1 year ago)

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