Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game

What’s the Project? This Halloween Bingo game is the cutest that you will find! Eight free printable game boards that you can print and play at any Halloween class party or just with the kids to make the holiday more fun! 

Pumpkins and monsters and broomsticks-oh my!

Halloween (the cute side of it) is my favorite. There’s something magical about the month of October isn’t there? The cute Halloween decorations, the crisp feeling in the air and the changing leaves, and the chewy, sweet taste of candy corn. Ah-I love it!

One of my favorite things about Halloween is throwing fun parties for the kids and this Halloween Bingo game is a HUGE hit year after year.

Whether it’s for a Halloween class party or just for a fun activity to do at home, this free printable Halloween Bingo with 8 free printable boards is the cutest around and the kids LOVE playing it. We know because we’ve used it year after year and it’s always a hit!

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game

Because I know just how crazy this time of year can be when you’re trying to get costumes ready, buy candy (and not eat all the candy) for Trick or Treating and plan parties, I’ve made this as easy as possible for you.

All you’re going to need to do is open the PDF with the Halloween Bingo boards and print. Then play and have fun! So simple.


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Halloween Bingo Game to Print:

Too much fun! And if you play it with candy corns you get to eat LOTS of them! (I’m a huge sucker for them. Do you love them or hate them?)

Anyway, I’ve created this cute Halloween Bingo Printable Set for you and can’t wait for you to use it.

There are 8 Halloween Bingo game boards made for you that look something like this one. (Print below.)Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards

But each one is a little different. The set also includes the cards you need to cut out and draw from in order to play.

If you are playing with a full classroom of kids, I recommend dividing them into groups to play. That way the 8 cards will work for your class.


Printable Halloween Bingo Game Boards:

Here are the bingo games for you to print. It’s a PDF that has all 8 boards on it and the drawing cards so you are all set to play.

Print Here: Halloween Bingo Game

(Be sure to grab your Thanksgiving and Christmas Bingo sets too!)

Print this set out. You can print it at home or you can get it printed somewhere. I’ve had it printed at a copy store and it cost about $6 to get it on heavy card stock. You can also laminate it and keep it for years.

How to Play Bingo:

Cut out the 8 game boards.

On the last page, you will find a grid with all of the images from the Halloween Bingo Cards. Cut these out and use it as a draw pile to play the game.

Give each child a bingo board. When you draw the candy corn picture, the children get to put a marker on the image of Candy Corn on their boards. Easy. Just bring something to use as markers (Candy Corn, Goldfish Crackers, etc.). 

First one to get 5 in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wins! 

I hope you have a blast playing this Halloween Bingo Game! 

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